Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty. – Thomas Jefferson The charge of racism.

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Jul 31, 2014 3 Comments ›› DaveAiazzi

There is a lot of personal involvement and concern regarding the Washoe County School Board lately. This is a good thing. More involvement is always a good thing. When citizens demand an explanation, and you give it to them, it makes a government board do its job. It’s one of the seemingly simple things we are supposed to do. Report to the Public.

With the recent events there is a new concern amongst many of our constituents – Racism. That has bothered some and reading the social media posts, many have said it has no place in this discussion. I beg to disagree.

When people wonder if racism is involved, that should be investigated just as a charge of discrimination or taking money should be investigated. There are many groups in this community who have felt the brunt of racism in their lifetime. Let’s not kid ourselves, racism still exists in America and in Washoe County. I witnessed it during the end of public comment on Tuesday. One member of the public told another, “Go back to Mexico.” Racism is alive in Washoe County in fact, there are candidates today who have proclaimed they are opposed to equal rights for all.

As public officials our job is to guard against that and try to quash it when possible. Here is what I am happy about so far. I have not seen that we have been called racists yet. I see the difference between a concern and an accusation and we, as public officials, must face up to any and all accusations.

I don’t know how one goes about proving they are not a racist. We have all been in the public eye long enough that, if those charges were true there would be evidence of it. I would welcome those who are concerned to meet with us, look through our records before the accusation is made, but look.

None of us would like to think that we are, but if there is activity to suggest that we should be saying or doing something differently, we would like to have that information to change our behavior.

I titled this piece with that famous quote by Thomas Jefferson. I believe that minorities have come a long way with equal rights in this country but I am not foolish enough to believe that we have completed the task. The populous must be vigilant for all their rights. There should be no backsliding (national politics aside for the moment). Remember the “eternal” is before “vigilant”.



  1. Tammy Callahan says:

    I appreciate your honoring public discussion via your statement. I also will always appreciate the individual who can be reflective and ask questions that are not easy to answer for themselves. You have never sat in the stands Dave, I respect you for that! To choose to be in the game suggests you care and I know you do!

  2. LENA BLACK says:

    well said but bringing up racism in this matter seems ridiculous to me.

  3. CK says:

    As a former 18-year employee at WCSD Administration Building, the above commentary is laughable. There has been, until Pedro, an undefeated Good ‘Ol Boy network and a history of nepotism/friendotism at WCSD Admin for decades. Mieras is fired and Martinez gets the usual retaliation, but Pedro is from a big city called Chicago and he knows that a contract has legal ramifications. Good ‘Ol Boys think they can do anything, but just found out they cannot and are back-pedaling hard to save their reputations because they’ve been exposed. Reno has gotten too large for that game- time to move to Fallon or a Spring Creek.

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