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Mar 21, 2013 2 Comments ›› DaveAiazzi

School Zone – March 18, 2013

Education has always been an important topic in Washoe County. As taxpayers we spend more on education than any other government service. This is why it is so important that we Trustees report back to you how that money is being spent. There has been and will continue to be dialogue as to where our money goes. Is it being spent wisely, can it have be spent better? There is a lot of information available on our website, I encourage you to go to that website and tell us if you have had difficulty in searching for particular information. We want to make it easier but we need you to tell us how.

With this in mind I want to take a moment and applaud the previous Trustees and current Superintendent Martinez for listening to us, the public. They recognized that things may need a “new set of eyes” and late last year they decided to embark on independent audits of every department in the school district. These audits are being conducted by the Council of Great City Schools and are going into great detail as to policies and procedures utilized, or not utilized, by your School District.

The audits will be made public around the end of April and I encourage everyone to read them. I would like to tell you that they will come back perfect but with any entity this size there are sure to be things we need to improve upon and I am counting on these independent audits to point them out to us. For instance, The Nutrition Service Department alone has a budget of over $20 million. If there is something that needs to be changed that is only 1% of that, it can save over $200,000 per year

Please be assured that the School Board that is now and always has been dedicated toward fixing what needs to be fixed, leaving alone what is working well and reporting back to you everything that we are working on.

-dave aiazzi

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  1. Vince Agnello says:

    Mr. Aiazzi – I was very offended when I heard you, that you, while being interviewed on local channel 4 TV, state that the voting citizen should not have a vote in approving or disapproving further tax increases, in order to increase the funding for the school district. I guess you think we or too stupid or too biased, or both, to be trusted with such an important decision. It is our county, our city, our money and our children who go to those schools! If that doesn’t qualify us to have a vote in taxing decisions, that what does?

    Do not give me that nonsense about this is a representative form of government and therefore you will make all the decisions for us. As a representative of your constituents, it is your job to represent their wishes, positions and desires and not to dictate to them what you have decided is right for them!

    • DaveAiazzi says:

      Thank you, Mr. Agnello, for letting me know your feelings on this matter. We may disagree on this one. The fact that this is a representative form of government is not “nonsense”, it is the law of the land. I have asked this before and perhaps you can give me clarification. When should something go to a vote? Just because it’s controversial? Again, I make the contention that the Southeast Connector is VERY contentious and no one has cried for a vote of the people. There is well over a billion dollars of our tax money being spent every year right here in Washoe County and less than 10% is being guided by a voter approved referendum. Again, I would be happy to get a tried and true rationale as to what exactly should go to the voters.

      Thanks you again for taking the time to write,


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